Our Roots

The Jackson Avenue Tea Company doesn’t just sell really good tea - it’s a movement that welcomes every person, from every walk of life, as long as you like having a cup of tea in your hands. Learn more below about how we started this family business so many years ago.

We love tea, our families, and our community.

The Jackson Avenue Tea Company family spans four generations, from an 80-year-old grandmother to a 2-year-old granddaughter. The women of the Jackson Avenue family believe in the power of tea to create an invitation: a place around the table for friends and family from all walks of life to gather, talk, laugh, or even cry.


Where there is community and family, there ought to be tea! Tea has brought people together for centuries. With that vision in mind, Wendi Love-Graves created the Jackson Avenue Tea Company in 2013, after purchasing Knoxville’s Tea at the Gallery in 2011.

Tea at the Gallery
, founded by Elisa King and Colleen Hayzen, opened in 2004 as a gathering place for art lovers and tea lovers alike to enjoy beauty and serenity – a melding of fine-quality art and fine-quality tea!
After a few years
, Wendi transitioned Tea at the Gallery to a new storefront on Jackson Avenue in downtown Knoxville - hence the name.
Most of our tea
comes from small, family-owned farms – small businesses that rely on centuries-old methods and traditions.

Slow down, take it all in.

The culture of tea calls us to slow down, take pleasure in simplicity, treasure our loved ones, and invest in our community. Here at the Jackson Avenue Tea Company, we do just that.

From helping you find your perfect night-time wind-down to hearing how a soothing cup of tea sets the tone for a memorable conversation, we love to hear how our teas become a part of your family traditions. In fact, we often donate tea to help foster those family connections.


Your package should be delivered within 2-3 days.

Yes! We ship anywhere within the United States.

We have two options. Purchase a two ounce bag (about 20 servings) and we have individual bags for you to make your own custom tea bag. We also sell single serves of each flavor or tea for only $1. If there is something you are looking for….Call us!

We do not, our teas are available for purchase either online or at local retailers in East Tennessee. Many of our local retail partners also serve our tea hot or cold!

We source our tea from reputable and consistent wholesalers from all over the world. Tea does not grow in our East Tennessee climate.

Find our tea locally

While we no longer have the physical storefront on Jackson Avenue in downtown Knoxville, some local shops carry many of our teas. Check out our local shops page for updated lists.