New to drinking tea?

Are you a tea drinker? Do you want to be? If you're new to the world of tea here are some delightful, easy-to-love favorites:

You absolutely must try Peppermint Patty black tea!

You absolutely must try Peppermint Patty black tea ! For high caffeine content* and familiar flavors, it’s our go-to. It truly has the smooth feeling you get when eating chocolate mint candy. The tea base is Ceylon; it is high in caffeine and L-theonine, which is unique to tea: you’ll be awake and with an empowering sense of calm alertness – tackle your day with Peppermint Patty at hand..

Need to give up caffeine altogether? Herbal teas are truly caffeine free. Try our classic peppermint herbal tea . The minty cool of peppermint is extra refreshing served over ice, yet cozy-comforting when warm. Or, if you're looking for a homey cup try our Detox Wellness blend -- a unique flavor you’ll want to drink on repeat: it’s slightly minty and just a little sweet. Drink it warm with a touch of honey or sugar. Brew these teas any time of day, on the go, with the ActiviTEA brewing device!

White teas are delicate in both aroma and flavor - try Acai Blueberry or Strawberry Basil!

We love the lightly fruity flavors of Acai Blueberry white tea and Strawberry Basil white tea . Both of these low-caffeine** teas taste just like their names suggest: fruity, lightly sweet and smooth, thanks to their delicate white tea base. Both these teas are deliciously refreshing when served chilled, over ice. When hot, Acai Blueberry white tea brings all the familiarity and comfort of a classic blueberry muffin; Strawberry Basil white tea will remind you of a warm strawberry compote -- and just so you know, both of these teas are delicious alongside a slice of warm, buttery toast! We also want to recommend the IngenuiTEA for brewing these beautiful white teas -- you'll be mesmerized by the way the whole leaves and inclusions dance in the water while brewing.

Green teas have bright, grassy notes and are known for their health benefits!

What about green tea ? There's a lot of buzz about green tea and its health benefits, and while we are conscious of well-known health claims, we'll leave that research to you. Our Sencha Green tea is lightly sweet, and full of fresh, grassy flavor– easy to appreciate and not overpowering. Ever been served tea at your favorite Japanese restaurant? Try our Jasmine Special Grade green tea : it is scented with the delectable fragrance of Jasmine blossoms for a truly delicate, exotic flavor profile! Both these green teas are low in caffeine.**

Our Chestnut Truffle black tea is unlike any other tea you've tried!

Looking for something a bit more distinct? Our Chestnut Truffle black tea is unlike any other tea you've tried! Drink it warm; you'll immediately appreciate the fragrance of vanilla and chestnut. You'll taste the classic wintery flavors of musky vanilla and woodsy chestnut complemented by the naturally citrus-notes of Ceylon black tea.

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*Most black teas carry 40 mg caffeine per cup, compared to just over 100 mg caffeine per cup of coffee.

** White teas often contain about 10 mg caffeine per cup - just a little more than the caffeine content in a chocolate bar. Green teas usually contain 10 - 20 mg caffeine per cup.

You get what you pay for

Hit the tea aisle at your local grocery store - including the more upscale stores - and you'll find an assortment of "iced tea blends" next to a dizzying array of teas and herbal blends marketed as hot teas.  For a mere $3-5 you can serve iced tea at every meal or have a hot cup of tea every morning so why seek out loose leaf tea? Why invest in premium tea?  The answer is simple: the difference is freshness and quality you can see, smell, and taste!  

Why invest in premium tea? It's all about freshness and quality you can see, smell, and taste!  When you brew a cup of loose leaf tea, you can watch the tea leaves and inclusions expanding, swirling, and dancing in the water.

When you brew a cup of loose leaf tea, especially if you're using a clear brewing device , you can watch the tea (or herb) leaves and inclusions (bits of flower, fruit, or spices) expanding, swirling, and dancing in the water.  The water has plenty of room to move in and around those leaves and pieces, extracting many layers of flavor and aroma from each component.   The whole tea leaves release an array of flavors not generally present in the fragments - known as dustings and fannings - of leaves that are used in typical pre-bagged teas.  In general, fine quality loose leaf teas are harvested, packed, and sent to their destination (in our case, the USA) quickly and efficiently so our teas are noticeably more aromatic and flavorful than bagged teas; the volatile aromatic compounds that tea leaves contain dissipate from the leaves over time no matter how well they're packaged. 

From opening Jackson Avenue Tea Company's sealed, opaque packages and inhaling that first, delightful whiff to enjoying the last of the 20 cups of tea you'll get from each 2 ounce package, you'll notice the remarkable quality of our fine, loose leaf teas.  Our teas smell so good you'll wonder why no one's ever turned them into a candle; our teas lift heavenly fragrances to your nose as you bring a cup of brewed tea to your lips. Whether you're just learning the art of drinking tea or are a seasoned connoisseur, you'll appreciate the symphony of flavor and aroma in each of our 80+ varieTEAs -- worth the investment! 

We invite you to try Jackson Avenue Teas. We know you'll appreciate the symphony of flavor and aroma in each of our 80+ varieTEAs!