Get Started with Ginger! So Many Benefits for Your Health.

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According to Johns Hopkins Medicine , GINGER provides a wide range of health benefits!

A natural component of ginger root called Gingerol can improve gut mobility

-- in other words: it moves your digestion right along. This can be especially helpful to alleviate nausea related to illness, pregnancy, cancer treatment, etc.

Gingerol may also reduce gas and bloating. Since it can help move food through the gut more quickly foods sit for less time, thereby reducing fermentation by gut bacteria - one of the major causes of gassiness.

This article on Healthline reveals even more potential benefits of ginger! Studies in recent years have suggested that consuming ginger on a daily basis lowers blood sugar in diabetic patients. Based on ginger's ability to help reduce inflammation it may aid in weight loss, specifically in improving the waist-hip ratio. Read on!

Ginger supplements versus ginger as a tea or ingredient?

Ginger supplements seem an easy option for daily ginger BUT take care! Ginger supplements often contain quantities of gingerol at levels 2-3 times greater than the body can use - in fact, it may cause symptoms like heartburn and mouth irritation when consumed this way. On the other hand, ginger as an ingredient in tea or other foods provides a safe and enjoyable way to consume plenty of gingerol. A little goes a long way toward good health and great tea!