Peach Oolong Tea


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Whole Leaf Oolong Tea, Natural Peach Flavoring, Apple Pieces, Marigold Flowers, and Peach Pieces

Oolong tea, a classic from China, results from a careful aging process that results in a naturally sweet, slightly nutty tea with a lightly floral aroma. Our peach oolong tea blends the essence of peach with oolong tea from the famed Windamere estate. The delicately sweet aroma of peach balances the grassy fragrance of this oolong; the lightly sweet flavor of peach plays up the fruity notes found in oolong teas. 

This tea is incredibly smooth as you drink it, yet has a slightly dry finish thanks to the peaches. You may find you enjoy this tea best as a hot beverage but try it chilled over ice, too; subtle differences in the oolong profile stand out depending on the temperature of the tea.

  • 20 servings per bag
  • 2oz Whole Leaf Oolong Tea

Contains 20mg of Caffeine

20mg per-serving

Using 1.5-2 tsp of tea per 6-8oz of water brew at 190 degrees fahrenheit for 3min

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Yes! We ship anywhere within the United States.

We have two options. Purchase a two ounce bag (about 20 servings) and we have individual bags for you to make your own custom tea bag. We also sell single serves of each flavor or tea for only $1. If there is something you are looking for….Call us!

We do not, our teas are available for purchase either online or at local retailers in East Tennessee. Many of our local retail partners also serve our tea hot or cold!

We source our tea from reputable and consistent wholesalers from all over the world. Tea does not grow in our East Tennessee climate.

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